Transforming Business Through Enhanced Leadership

Hi, my name is Diksesh Patel creator of the L.E.V.E.R. Leadership Formula for engaging staff to achieve more with less in challenging times.

For over 20 years I have worked with a number of big financial institutions based in London, and have managed people across the globe through challenging times.

Recent Success

Applying what I have learnt from specialist mentors and training programs, I am now head of a large global division with over 37 staff across 5 locations. Much to the surprise of peers and despite the challenges we face, it operates as a cohesive virtual team.

We have implemented things as a team, which everyone feels part of, that many have considered impossible. We continue to innovate and live from a set of values elicited as part of the formula, driving us to achieve bigger and better things.

All of which would not have been possible had it not been for what I now know about getting the best out of people, understanding their needs, and sharing a compelling vision with them and senior management.

Win-Win not Win-Lose

I now firmly believe that developing and empowering the people you work with and helping them to succeed is a better model for working, I believe in Win-Win not Win-Lose! To get to the top you don’t need to step on people, you need to help others, but in a specific way with purpose.

Not only have I managed to achieve more by adopting this approach, the people working with me have felt happier and more empowered to make it happen. United against the odds to reach deeply held shared goals.

It has become my life long mission to show that good guys (and girls) can and do win, that you don’t need to be ruthless to get to the top.

Chasing the Wrong Things

Though I need to come clean, something which I am ashamed about… I spent much of the last 17 years chasing the wrong things, with limited success, following strategies of those around me that no longer work (and perhaps never did). I fooled myself for too long, and it is far too easy to fall for the same mental traps!

It is clear to me that many people, at all stages in their career, are still chasing the wrong things. Many get a raw deal from their colleagues and management line who have little interest in seeing them progress or are too concerned with their own success.

True leadership does not require a title, it requires a mindset, we were all born to lead in our own way. It was only in the last five years that I realised I did not need to wait to do the right thing and empower my tribe to do the same. Because the right thing is always the right thing, is is not?

Recognising what is important, I have distilled and embodied my learnings into the formula — it is simple yet has the power to transform organisations.

My Wish For You and Humanity

Having seen the impact I have had on staff performance and motivation, and implemented frameworks to empower and nurture the leaders of tomorrow, I now want to share my L.E.V.E.R. Leadership Success Formula with the leaders of tomorrow, wherever you are and in whatever industry you work.

I believe that we are about to witness a new era, the dawn of ethical and sustainable LEVERage.

I invite you to download my free special report, take time to read my blog, and seek to apply this knowledge to change your relatiosnhips, your career, your organisation and the world for the better.

I learnt the hard way, so you don’t have to!


Warm Regards,

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Diksesh Patel

London, 2012