Adding Ghee to the Fire

There is an English saying, adding fuel to the fire, which generally means provoking thought or exposing just how bad a problem is. In this post shows how I am adding ghee to the fire for outsourcing and offshoring.

To my mind this is what I am doing by exposing the problems experienced by offshore staff, and indeed the challenges that organisations have in making the best use of them.

For far too long organisations have thought they can save money by offshoring to a cheaper country, thinking that the same tacit knowledge and culture will transition from one region to another. Time and time again this has been shown not to work, and managers struggle to make things work and people to cooperate cross-region.

The next thing organisations do is realising they cannot manage this themselves and have failed to address the fundamental issues, they then seek to outsource it to another firm that show glossy brochures. The reality that outsourcing a problem rarely fixes it – it just masks it and adds huge transactional costs.

As an employee working within an offshore division, it is not easy to get ahead. Typical challenges I have seen include:

  • Multiple lines of responsibility
  • Lack of clear direction
  • Changing requirements
  • Knowledge walls and lack of cooperation
  • Emphasis on over proceduralising things rather than applying common sense
  • Subjecting staff to ridiculously long days
  • Lack of career progression and planning

If any of the above sound familiar, you’ll be happy to know that even the largest of organisations can be changed within, and that people themselves can take back control of their career and destiny.

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