Career Direction: Freedom to Think – Avoiding Learned Helplessness

I am currently in the middle of learning a new skill and thought of the times where I used to avoid learned helplessness. Do you have a training plan agreed with the organisation you work for? Is there even a training budget that has been agreed? In most cases, the answer is typically a categoric NO. The question is, what are you prepared to do about it?

The Blocker

In most cases the days of the corporate training investment are over. Have you often hear employees quoting:  “I’m waiting for my manager to sign off the next course I need to learn up on”. What do you think typically happens, when your told there is no training budget? Do you hang around waiting for the inevitable chop? Do you dig your heels and hope for the best? I would almost proffer that YOU yourself are the blocker to your own future a victim of circumstance.

Taking Control

The next time you need to learn a new skill, realise that you yourself have plenty of options available to you. There are plenty of books available with huge swathes of knowledge waiting to be unlocked. Self investment is another one that employees fail to grasp, having been conditioned to believe the very organisations they work for will see right by them. Now, I don’t necessarily blame the corporate world we live in today – after all, they are trying to build profitable businesses, and in todays climate cost management is a huge topic.

Therefore, in order to drive yourself forward, ensure you have a game plan. Ensure you put a structure training plan together, and realise if you don’t expect to invest in yourself, how could you reasonably expect others to do so.

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