Career Direction: Speak Up For What Is Right (But At The Right Time to The Right Audience)

Have you ever been in a situation where you believed something was right, only to find yourself cowering away in the corner? Perhaps a fear being reprimanded got in the way? A lack of confidence in knowing what to say or recommend, and simply you got your timing wrong?

Timing And Delivery

There have certainly been times in my career, where I’ve cowered away in a corner, for the exact fears we all feel, and others where I have simply got my timing wrong. When is the right time to stand up and be counted? A good example is meetings, where one individual potentially rail roads a meeting and runs a way with the agenda. In this case, sometimes its perhaps better to deliver your message outside that forum, or perhaps find a connection who holds influence over this individual. Sometimes we don’t even need to deliver the right message, our selves.


On most occasions, typically the right message has not been vindicated, as a result of our own poor planning. Sometimes a quick word in the ear of stakeholders, ahead of meetings usually goes a long way to ensuring the right message is delivered and accepted.


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