Career Motivation: Bonus Depression Season

In most organisations, you will have no doubt had a chance to go through your recent bonus letters, only to find out your high expectations were not met. What was your first gut reaction? Did you feel that the last 12 months of effort you put in, all went to waste? I suspect in most cases, you will all have had a negative reaction. The question is what are going to do about it?

When Is a Bonus a Bonus?

Within most of your career roles, you will have at one point or another been paid a bonus for the previous 12 months successes and efforts. By their very nature, bonuses have become the norm, and they are almost an expectation now, regardless of how well the organisation is performing financially or how well your performance has faired over the past year.

So the question is, are the days of the bonus over? I would certainly recommend that you quantify your successes, and how much value you have added to your organisation over the bonus period. I am a total advocate of continuing with this approach. Eventually, you will be rewarded for your hard work and endeavours beit in your current role or in future challenges. Notwithstanding the fact that you will continue to drive yourself forward in a positive way, to ensure your career grows at a pace that it deserves.

Do Not Fret

In areas where bonuses have failed to meet your expectations, then remember that your career grows way beyond any organisation.

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