Career Motivation: Failure Needs To Be Welcomed – So Long As People Learn

One of the most amazing things in the world is the sight of a child growing up. Seeing them take their first steps, to the first time they can freely swim, to their first sports match. Clearly along life’s journey these children will have fallen over on many occasions, only to get up and try again.

The Backlash

How many times in the corporate world we live have you seen people fail? What was the reaction of their managers and peer groups? Did those people ever see success in their careers? Typically what happens is a culture of blame ensues, which in turn exacerbates the culture of cover ones own back. Clearly this model can cost organisation huge amounts of lost productivity.

Take The First Steps and Learn

The next time you see someone flounder or even fail, much like a child we all learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. In corporate world we live in today, we must learn the art of failure and ensure that we find new ways to learn. Otherwise how would a child have ever learnt to walk.


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