Career Motivation: What Legacy Will You Leave (What Would They Say In Your Leaving Card)

Have you ever thought about what your colleagues would say on your leaving card? What would you like people to say about your legacy?

Pay It Forward

Throughout our working lives we will come across many different individuals. Some will be helpful, others lost in the corporate forest, and a few on a journey to help others and their organisation strive for success. Whichever category you fall under, always be sure to have a helpful and meaningful relationship with all your peers and colleagues.

By creating an air of paying it forward, you will start to create relationships that far outrun even your current mutual employer. Remember too that most managers and staff around  the corporate world have typically lost their  way and have forgotten how to accelerate their careers. Take time to reach out to those who need help, to those who want to strive for success, but just don’t know how yet.

Leaving Your Legacy Behind

A good leader is one that leads from the front. Goes out of their way to impart their knowledge and experience to others, with the only expectation of a reward being  the legacy they leave behind. What will they say about you, when you’ve left your legacy.


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