Career Roadmap: A Good Time To Hand In Your Notice?

Throughout our own careers, not doubt many of you have contemplated moving to new roles. Questions like when is the right time typically arise. And in most people quite a lot of emotion gets in the way. What challenges did you face, when deciding to quit your current role?

I recently read an interesting article around the subject of the timing around quitting your job. As the article suggests, you quit…. when it suits you… Not out of spite, not out of revenge, not out of fear but in as smooth and rational transition as you can muster.

From my perspective, always leave any organisation in a good place, remembering that todays connections can be tomorrows recruiters. Remember to ensure that you have a physical signed contract offer in place, before even considering hand your notice in. In todays cost conscious corporate world, recruitment budgets are being slashed and can be changed at any time.

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