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From my own perspective one of the missing parts of the budgeting process is planning for future innovation. After all, most businesses at some point in time would have taken huge risks to drive forward their own success. This in itself appears to be a contradiction when budgeting for innovation. Far too often, we are asking managers to tow the corporate line, and thereby stifling risk taking and innovation. How many of you leaders out there recognise this pattern of continued and systemic road blocks to success.

The increasing intensity of businesses leveraging the internet and social media to build global businesses has been short of incredible. What can we learn from the dynamic and innovative approach new on line businesses use in todays world? Using a creative and innovative growth strategy has many merits, notwithstanding the need to create an interesting working environment for staff and leaders like.

Next time you are faced with fiscal budgets, remember to add some investment for future innovation and growth. Otherwise we could all end up in the same place as Kodak.

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Five Mistakes People Make In Mid-Year Reviews http://www.dikseshpatel.com/mistakes-people-mid-year-reviews/ http://www.dikseshpatel.com/mistakes-people-mid-year-reviews/#comments Mon, 23 Sep 2013 13:00:00 +0000 Diksesh Patel http://www.dikseshpatel.com/?p=998 Throughout our careers, as leaders we have all had to deliver performance reviews. How often have you felt that staff have valued the performance review process?

5 common mistakes that managers make in Mid-Year reviews:

  1. Your only as good as the last piece of work or task you completed
  2. Focus on staff weakness, never mind the fact that a constructive process to training will yield more positive results
  3. Promising the earth, and delivering smoke. This invariably leads to a lack of trust within the workforce
  4. Realising that your role is not simply that of a manager, and not realising that it is part of your role to train, coach, mentor and nurture the staff that work for you
  5. Highlighting any areas of improvement at the last minute. Better to nip performance in the bud early in the year, and realise that performance management is an ongoing task, not just a one hour meeting twice a year.
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Career Roadmap: A Good Time To Hand In Your Notice? http://www.dikseshpatel.com/career-roadmap-good-time-hand-notice/ http://www.dikseshpatel.com/career-roadmap-good-time-hand-notice/#comments Tue, 02 Jul 2013 13:00:08 +0000 Diksesh Patel http://www.dikseshpatel.com/?p=869 Throughout our own careers, not doubt many of you have contemplated moving to new roles. Questions like when is the right time typically arise. And in most people quite a lot of emotion gets in the way. What challenges did you face, when deciding to quit your current role?

I recently read an interesting article around the subject of the timing around quitting your job. As the article suggests, you quit…. when it suits you… Not out of spite, not out of revenge, not out of fear but in as smooth and rational transition as you can muster.

From my perspective, always leave any organisation in a good place, remembering that todays connections can be tomorrows recruiters. Remember to ensure that you have a physical signed contract offer in place, before even considering hand your notice in. In todays cost conscious corporate world, recruitment budgets are being slashed and can be changed at any time.

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