Goal Setting

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Career Motivation: Bonus Depression Season

In most organisations, you will have no doubt had a chance to go through your recent bonus letters, only to find out your high expectations were not met. What was your first gut reaction? Did you feel that the last 12 months of effort you put in, all went to waste? I suspect in most [...]

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Leadership Focus: The Importance of Frameworks

The importance of frameworks is one of my favourite topics. There have been many times in my career, where there have been few processes or frameworks every implemented. Does this resonate with you? On many occassions, I was left to write my own script, so to speak. There are many of you reading this blog [...]

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Career Education : 5 things to do instead of watching TV

Throughout our lives, we have all had a tendancy to spend our time in various ways – some useful and some wasteful times. The next time you have any spare time, be sure to take every opportunity to learn a new skill. How will you feel, when your career accelerates faster. Top 5 things to do [...]

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