Communication: Supermarket Ignorance – Be Sure To Pay Attention!

Today I read an interesting article about a supermarket checkout attendant who refused to serve a customer until they finished their all important mobile call. Of course, whilst I initially laughed this off as a joke, reality hit home for me.

I remember some years ago being out with a good friend of mine Andrew Wilkin, whilst out on a shopping trip to a supermarket trip. We were talking whilst we were at the checkout till waiting for the checkout attendant to complete my order. Having proceeded to blindly ignore the young lady serving me, it was politely pointed out to me, how rude I had been and totally ignorant of the person serving me.

The reality of my story and the article in todays news, is that sometimes we forget the little touches in life and take for granted many every day people in our lives. The next time you are at a supermarket checkout till, remember to be appreciative of individuals who are there helping you in your day to day activities. I am more than happy to say that supermarkets are a much happier place, and in fact on many occasions the person behind the till has bought a smile to my face.

Wherever you are in the world remember to be appreciative and above all bring a little smile to those people around you, who provide the little touches in your everyday lives.


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