Leadership Focus: 7 Rules When Managing Offshore Teams

Have you noticed an increase in offshoring over the last 10 years? Clearly the biggest reason for this being the need to reduce costs, given the tight margins that most businesses currently operate under. Notwithstanding the fact that most businesses have a shareholder group to motivate too.

When organisations decided to offshore their processes, very little are areas of training and cultural intelligence ever factored in. Its almost as if, most businesses just expect and offshore arm to run seemlessley, as if they were located in a local office. How far from reality have these businesses become, and do they realise that offshore teams require more than simply being told what to do.

My Top #7 Rules when managing offshore teams:

  1. Ensure you create simple frameworks for offshore teams to follow
  2. Arrange regular offshore site visits, to show you care, and this is not just another cost cutting exercise to outsource the mundain
  3. Locate and train leaders by making them accountable
  4. Provide positive constructive feedback, rather than simply lambasting mistakes. This will ensure that confidence in offshore teams accelerate faster
  5. Get to know offshore staff personally. Find out what makes them tick.
  6. Introduce a buddy system, to ensure that inshore experiences are shared seemlessly with offshore counterparts
  7. Implement target and regular training workshops



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