Leadership Focus: Achieving More With Less

In todays economic climate most businesses are trying to extract as much value from their staff then ever before. Classic quotes like, “We must achieve more with less” usually spring up in management meetings. In a lot of cases most staff and managers will have taken a dim view and more than likely brushed those comments aside as another scheme to get more work out them.

Taking a positive view has always been my view on this sensitive subject. All good leaders should be asking the following questions, when being asked to “deliver more with less”:

  1. Are there any in efficiencies in any processes that your staff leverage
  2. Can processes be simplified by refined documentation and/or training material
  3. Are the right people doing the right roles (simple, but sometimes forgotten)
  4. Can any of the work you undertake be leveraged by other teams around you
  5. Are your work streams truly delivery focussed

These are just of the simple considerations that should be good practise for all leaders out there.


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