Leadership Focus: Build or Bulldoze?

What type of manager or leader would you classify yourself as? Commander, Dictator, Entrepreneur?  Have you ever been in a situation, where you’ve had to drive a task or project to success and found a number of walls in the way?

In most occasions, you will have noticed that most managers are more than likely to bulldoze their way through the perceived wall in front of them. A wall that they have more than likely created for themselves. Needless to say the net effect of this approach very rarely yields the desired short or long term results, leaving staff further demotivated and disgruntled. Now do not mistake this for having to make tough decisions when needed.

Building relationships is a strong part of driving projects to success. In the long term relationships will grow faster and staff are more likely to want to work for you, ultimately benefitting your organisation as a whole.

Go forth and build a team of leaders, by being one yourself. To do otherwise is likely to be more painful for all concerned – especially in the long term.


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