Leadership Focus: The Importance of Frameworks

The importance of frameworks is one of my favourite topics. There have been many times in my career, where there have been few processes or frameworks every implemented. Does this resonate with you? On many occassions, I was left to write my own script, so to speak. There are many of you reading this blog that have been in this given scenario.


How many staff across the globe have been left without direction from the very corporates they work for? Do you remember a time, where you failed to deliver a project on time, or failed to complete a task with any great success? Only to find that you were lambasted for your so called failure to deliver the goods.

The interesting thing behind these scenarios, usually stems from the fact that most managers do not have any ideas on how to create simple frameworks and procceses. Often, the opposite usually formulates into something we all commonly refer to as red tape.

Lead The Way

By creating simple frameworks that staff an colleagues alike, can follow will go a long way to showing how much value you will be adding to your organisation. In fact, each time you see a poor process or framework, take this as an opportunity to create one. The best analagy to this is that of franchising – once you create simple frameworks, you will soon find those appearing across the network of your colleagues. View this as a positive compliment to your ability, and eventually you will become a valued leader across the fabric of the organisation you work for.

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