Leadership Focus: Lonely At The Top

As a new leader, do you remember the last time you were promoted to a management level? Individuals who used to be at your peer group level, are now accountable to you. How did you react to that change, and how did your former colleagues respond to you?

Feeling Isolated

I remember the first time I took on a leadership position, and feeling a sense of being left to my own devises. Of course the reason for this being, much like getting married for the first time, there is no better handbook on leadership other than experiencing for yourself. So its not wonder that new leaders are left isolated without feeling they have an outlet channel to discuss issues, such as dealing with staffing issues or disgruntled customers to name a few.

There is also the issue that most corporates have little or no mentoring programmes in place for new leaders. Clearly this is an area that organisations could benefit from taking a leaf out of new world organisations like Amazon or Apple.

Rise Above Your Feelings

One of the best ways to feel part of a wider leadership pool is to start connecting and creating relationships across like minded leaders across your organisations. You be sure that most leaders face similar issues, and creating a solid network will ensure you have a shoulder to fallback on, should the need arise.

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