Leadership Focus: Managing on a Tight Budget – Why Cutting Staff Mentoring Is Asking For Trouble

In todays austere economy, you will have noticed that most organisation focus on getting a handle on their cost base. Clearly this is stating the obvious. Where do you think most organisations cut costs from?

In most cases, cost cutting usually begins with headcount reductions, limiting overseas travel and reducing already stretched training budgets. You will have heard the classic quote – “Do more for less”. The one area that organisations rarely focus on is staff training and mentoring. Have you noticed the plethora of managers who’ve no idea how to work with staff or even begin to know how to get the best out of their workforce. Now I do not necessarily blame the individuals involved, though would recommend they take control.

Much like being a parent or getting married, there is no one formula that would give you the life skills required to get through the tough times.  Organisations would do well to positively grow their biggest assets – the staff that work for them, as well as realising they are a key  investment that usually gets ignored.   Mentoring staff in leadership areas will ensure your organisations grows faster and more dynamically whilst keeping your people further motivated.

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