Leadership Focus: Urgent or Important – Are You Stuck In Operations?

Being stuck in operations is a common trait of most managers within the corporate worlds we work within. You will notice these managers, when you find then working all hours of the day, just to try and keep on top of their to do lists. Typically, most are caught up in working on the day to day tasks that are probably better suited to the very staff that work for them. How many managers like this have you seen?

Stuck In Operations

For those entrepeneurs out there in the world, being stuck in operations will resonate with you completely. For those of you managers and leaders out there in the corporate world, you all know who you are. Little do you realise, that by being stuck in operations will take away the valuable time needed to be spent on looking at the strategic big picture of the department or team you run.

Being stuck in operations, typically stems from managers who lack confidence in themselves, and fear that letting go, will cost them their jobs. However, the risk of following this strategy means that they will not see huge amounts of further success in their own careers. How many of these managers can you spot in your organisation? What can you do to help them step away from operations, remebering that their success or lack of, will reflect in your career direction too.

Looking At the Bigger Picture

The simple way to move away from operations is to empower you staff to be more accountable. Ensure that you set up simple frameworks, so staff can become more self sustaining. Once you have freed up your time, start to look around your deparment organisation to see the plethora of opportunities that you could potentially consume.

I have been at both ends of the extreme, and can safely say that you have no need to fear, when stepping away from operations. You may even start to see the seeds of further success in your careers.

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