Five Mistakes People Make In Mid-Year Reviews

Throughout our careers, as leaders we have all had to deliver performance reviews. How often have you felt that staff have valued the performance review process?

5 common mistakes that managers make in Mid-Year reviews:

  1. Your only as good as the last piece of work or task you completed
  2. Focus on staff weakness, never mind the fact that a constructive process to training will yield more positive results
  3. Promising the earth, and delivering smoke. This invariably leads to a lack of trust within the workforce
  4. Realising that your role is not simply that of a manager, and not realising that it is part of your role to train, coach, mentor and nurture the staff that work for you
  5. Highlighting any areas of improvement at the last minute. Better to nip performance in the bud early in the year, and realise that performance management is an ongoing task, not just a one hour meeting twice a year.

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