What does Success Mean to You?

The other day, a very good friend of mine asked me, ’what does success mean to you?’

Curiously, most people typically respond in terms relating to money. Successes being something like a big house, or a nice car, the trophy wife, you get the picture.

This was true for me only a few years ago, though somehow this has evolved.

For me now successes come in many forms, be it time with family, a business proposal delivered that I can be proud of, or seeing my oldest son take man of the match in the school first XI cricket team. Money whilst important for helping me get things or do things, is no longer the end goal, it is the means to the end.

When you make the transition from money to some higher goal or purpose, more often than not the money will follow as you follow your passion.  Success is not some far off unattainable aspiration, it is rather a series of mini milestones on ones journey you can look back at with pride and say – I did that!

The fact that we more often than not measure success at such a high nebulous level means that we are less like to ever attain it, and less likely to ever even take steps towards attaining it. This feeds our own insecurities, it is possible for them and not for me, and other such negative affirmations.

This fear feeds procrastination, after all we have programmed our minds to think it is not possible for us. The best analogy for this, is being in the pitch black and goofing around looking for something, when the light switch is right next to you, if only we would focus on the light switch, rather than fumbling around in the dark.

As an employee you must still set goals and criteria by which to measure your success, the yardstick by which you measure yourself and can assess if you are moving in the right direction. Realise that if you do not set your goals, someone else will invariably set them for you, be it your peers, your manager, or indeed your friends.

For people working in an offshore environment, I would argue that you need to take an even greater responsibility for you career, goals and aspirations. If you don’t care about where you are going, it is unlikely that the firm you work for will much care too – so long as you continue to be of service – a cog in the machine so to speak.

I believe this so passionately that this has formed the basis of a whole module on my 8 week career accelerator programme. I made the transition from being directionless several years ago, under the wings of my mentor, I now hope to help you and others like you make the same life changing transition.

More details about the 8 week career accelerator course can be found here.

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