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Leadership Focus: What Do You Fear the Most?

There have been plenty of times in my own career, where I have stopped myself from taking definitive action to complete a specific task. There were also many reasons that potentially held me back, beit fear which came in many different guises – although I didn’t appreciate that at the time. Have you ever been [...]

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Career Motivation: It’s The Little Things That Make The Difference

We’ve all be in various relationships at one time or another. Beit a husband, wife, brother, sister or the like. Do you remember a time, where you would constantly go out of your way to be helpful in more ways than one. Often, you may have found yourself unappreciated or simply taken advantage of. How [...]

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Career Success: Taking feedback graciously

From time to time in our careers we have all either given feedback or taken feedback from others. Do you remember the time you recieved feedback that you percieved to be negative. The question is, how did you react?

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