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Leadership Focus: It’s Always About The People

One of the biggest commodities that organisations have are the very people they employ. Do you wonder why the investment in staff education has almost ground to halt in the current climate we live in? After all, without people there would be no business.

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Career Direction: Freedom to Think – Avoiding Learned Helplessness

I am currently in the middle of learning a new skill and thought of the times where I used to avoid learned helplessness. Do you have a training plan agreed with the organisation you work for? Is there even a training budget that has been agreed? In most cases, the answer is typically a categoric [...]

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Seed Planting: The Tricks of the Trade

Has there been a time, where your line manager or mentor has taken you aside to give you the tricks of the trade, and show you how to accelerate your career in more subtle ways? One suspects in most cases, most managers are caught up in their own worlds, as their primary focus has been [...]

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