Do You Really Want Change?

Do people really like to change? People like stability, don’t they? Are we asking the right questions, and do we seek to understand the systemic issues that arise through lack of positive change?

The Road To Inertia

How often have you heard people around the corporate park, comment on tasks that lie outside their own job description? This type of approach typically leads to a number of systemic organisational failures, including a slowdown in our own learning attitudes which eventually compound growth in the very businesses we expect to add shareholder value.

Coupled with the all stop in our own learning attitudes, change is typically frowned up and framed with negative connotations, which typically grind businesses to a halt.

Change Your Ways

Respect the need for change, and positively change the growth curve in your own careers and ultimately the very organisation that you work for. You also find this empowering and have some fun along the way.



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